5 Key metrics to keep tabs on as an agency owner 2019

5 Key metrics to keep tabs on as an agency owner 2019

I have been a web developer for over 8 years now. I have worked with a number of clients, some of my awesome clients include government agency websites, energy and petroleum, ecommerce, and a few portfolio websites.But just like most freelancers, I have faced a number of challenges that almost at some point crippled my business to a closure, well this year I am determined to change that.

Together with my personal life resolutions i have decided to focus on 5 key areas in my business; marketing, customer service and finance and administration

  • Marketing web design agency the right way

I will be honest in the past I haven’t done much of marketing for my business apart from word of mouth. Word of mouth can be a very good start tool, but eventually you need a sales funnel that goes beyond that. I have decided this year to be my own number one customer. I will integrate an effective content and social media marketing strategy that will boost my incoming leads. I can’t sell a service that myself I don’t rely on it much. I will practice what I preach.

  • Customer service the right way

Treat a customer well and they will eventually come back again and again. I believe customer service goes beyond just the clients I have worked with. I plan to dedicate at least one day of the week to reach out in forums, Facebook groups and other platforms to just help out. The more you give, the more you should expect, so giving a helping hand without expecting anything will be a key virtue I plan to adopt this year.

  • Taking web development skill to another level

Oh my!  I have postponed courses on online platforms so many times. I can’t count the number of times I have a number of times started the web development track on team tree house only to later abandoned it just after few days. This year that will change, I plan to embark on this journey and be posting regular updates on my weekly productivity reports. So if you get a chance to peruse my weekly report, make sure to keep me on check on this.

  • Working smart as a freelance developer

Based on the payooner freelance marketing report 2018, most clients are based in North America, Europe and Australia. Now if you are based in East Africa, you will soon realize, you are always working opposite your key client’s business hours. It’s like opening a pizza shop only at midnight?? What do you expect?? Very few sales. So as part of my admin strategy, I will mostly work evening and late night hours in order to serve a new client base located in this areas.

  • Smart financial strategy

I have worked with great clients, some project budgets were beyond my expectations, but I still haven’t reached my yearly income goal. In order to achieve my finance goal this year. I have adopted a daily accountability spreadsheet recording my daily progress. Key metrics I will keep tabs on will include number of hours I clock in everyday, how much I have made and data analytics from both Hoot suite and Google analytics.

If you have more ideas on some key areas I haven’t mentioned here please highlight them on the comment section below also if you also want I share sample tools I’m using like my daily DAS (daily accountability spread sheet). Happy WordPress development 2019 🙂

I'm Patrick Mwachugu, front-end developer and digital marketing consultant. I have over 8 years in web design. I specialize in WordPress CMS websites. I frequently share my knowledge here and other blogs on some of the new trends in web design and online marketing tips in general.

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