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Introducing new pricing plans

I have worked in the web design and digital marketing space for over 8 years. I have engaged in some of the best website design projects imaginable. The journey has been fun, exciting and I have learnt a lot along the way.

When clients approach me, they are usually keen to addresses all of their business’s needs during the design and development phase of the project. Once we are done with the design we launch the site, hoping all my client’s needs have been solved

We soon realize even after committing a lot of resources my clients still can’t really see any noticeable change. They can’t actually measure how the website has impacted their overall business. So this got me thinking “How best can I guarantee tangible results to my clients?

A better approach to design and maintenance

In brief, my value proposition is, develop a custom website for your business and offer other additional services like website hosting, website maintenance, and online marketing services— all for one monthly price. I am a professional in this field, that’s why you chose me. I will set up everything for you and send progress reports periodically detailing how your current website is positively impacting your business

Why sign up?

Based on my eight years of experience in design and online marketing I believe my tailored pricing plans will offer numerous advantages to my clients. The following three benefits clearly stand out to be the core of our pricing structure

  • Value for your money

value for money

Imagine you have a project budget of $1000. Web design agency “A” offers to build your site for the same budget, they request 30% up front and 70% once done with the design. At this point, you have to cater for your hosting and any other additional service you may need once the project is complete. Still, you have no guarantee how this new website will help you achieve your goals?

When you sign up for Webmoja Studio services all this is taken care of and you probably need to start off with $99 per month on our standard plan with a guarantee I will be there every step of the way.

  • I offer a business solution and not just a pretty website

solution oriented

It takes more than just a pretty website to have users engage with your business. There is a lot more that is required to push the right traffic to your website and convert it to loyal clients. As website designers, we know that, but at times we are too lazy or just want to add additional costs later without fully disclosing to our clients on what it really takes to reap the benefits of digital marketing.

I have structured my pricing plans to be solution oriented. I do not only promise a professional website, but provide you with a custom solution that is tailored to your business online presence.

  • Best resources and features for your website

webmoja new website features

I do not provide one size fits all solution, I at least have an idea where each of my clients falls between the 3 tier pricing plans. What’s even more beneficial, unlike DIY page builders your website will be customized with specific features that are tailored to work for you. I have also partnered with other great companies like Getflywheel, an amazing managed WordPress hosting platform

Some of my other amazing solutions include lead generation tools that help you capture contact details and send out regular email marketing campaigns. Another awesome feature I’m fascinated with at the moment is live chats with an automatic Chatbot.

Basically, if you have support staff that takes care of your live chat support either on your current website or Facebook page, they probably engage in a lot of FAQS. Why don’t you let a Chatbot take care of that and free them up to answer more urgent queries?

Sign up today

My mission is to build a sustainable online presence for my client’s business. I believe these pricing models are just the start of my journey to achieve this mission. I will be posting more on individual features and some of the FAQs that will come up as a result of launching this website pricing structure.

Please submit your questions or feedback on the comment section or contact me today.




I'm Patrick Mwachugu, front-end developer and digital marketing consultant. I have over 8 years in web design. I specialize in WordPress CMS websites. I frequently share my knowledge here and other blogs on some of the new trends in web design and online marketing tips in general.

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